Ways to Participate

1. Launch Teams - Individual Students can apply to be a member of the following teams:

2. Student Rocket Teams - Student teams can build a "Rocket for Schools" rocket to launch. Awards are given to Student Rocket Teams for fit and finish, payload, displays, presentations, and team spirit.

Rocket kits include a step by step instruction video and all parts necessary for construction (except payload and paint). Motors are furnished on the launch day. Kits can be purchased from Advanced Propulsion Systems at (847) 541-0739.

Up to one free rocket kit will be given away per congressional district ($300 value). For free rockets, student teams are required to write a proposal.

All rocket teams are required to:

Application Deadline is January 15, 2000

Submit to:
Space Education Initiatives
PO Box 12263
Green Bay, WI 54307-2263

Attention Parents and Teachers

You too can participate: Adult volunteers will be needed for launch weekend activities

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