Midwest Rockets for Schools 1999

14 & 15 May, 1998
Sheboygan, WI

Ways to Participate

Parents and Educators

Volunteers are needed for various duties during launch weekend. If you would like to be more activly involved, contact (920)-339-4600 ext. 252 ASAP.

Student Participation

1. Launch Teams - Individual students can apply to be a member of the following teams: Students wishing to participate on a launch team must fill out the Rockets for Schools Launch Team Application for Participation.

2. Student Rocket Teams
Student teams can build a "Rockets for Schools" rocket to launch at the weekend event. Awards are given to Student Rocket Teams for fit and finish, payload, displays, presentations and team spirit. For more information, see the application packet.

To be considered for a free rocket (up to one per congressional district) student teams must write a proposal.

Application Materials:


Application Deadline: January 15, 1999
Students Notified of Selection: February 15, 1999

(The deadline has passed, but look for a similar deadline in future years)

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